Emojis create meaning much faster than a sentence can, and they bring semblance, accessibility and colour to the 6,500 languages that exist in the world today.ย ย 

Emojis create tone beyond whatโ€™s possible with text โ€” as a person emojis are a palette of personality available on our keyboards and phones, the emojis we use say more about the way we feel, than words ever could.

Typing symbolAn array of emojis
Reading or writing, meaning is delivered without words.

Emojis capture the cultural zeitgeist across countries โ€” our favourite foods, activities, landmarks, all accessible to touch. If a cultural symbol develops, or becomes mainstream, it becomes added to the dictionary, or the โ€˜Emojipediaโ€™.

Here it will stay, used on billions of keyboards across the globe.

Some new emojis that have been added include the otter, the rainbow flag and bubble tea, what new emotions, symbols, actions, animals could be coming next?