After the Tone.

Award-winning sculpture and short film.

Would you spend $3,000 on 5 metres of neon, sculpt it into a mobile number, activate the number, then suspend the neon mobile number over a freeway?
‍The why:Β Life is about finding meaning, myself and co-director Trent Crawford found meaning in a sculpture and short film. 'After the Tone' is about missed calls, joblessness, disconnection and showing the world how far humans go when ideas inspire.

Communicating to the world.

In-person connections are becoming rarer, even pre COVID-19, it is mainly online or via services. We are our number, our email address, our social media handles.

After the Tone follows a professional who leaves an office, making their way home in an empty city, the only sign of others is this number which the character drives underneath. So would the public during the filming. Like the character, wondering, who's on the other side of the line?

The sculpture was hung on an overpass, secured with 30 cable ties to ensure safety below. We also did the work late at night, as we were not going to get permits. One person called.

After the Tone was first shown at Melbourne University, selected to show at Newcastle Art Gallery. Winning 'Best 3D Work' nationally, as chosen by TAG Awards.