Working alongside two giants as a young writer. Amazon & Coca-Cola Australia.

Role: Conversational designer and copywriter with VERSA, owned by Deepend. One of Australia's first voice tech start-ups.

The idea: In a world-first, Australians were able to receive a free personalised Coke delivered to their doorstep by simply saying, “Alexa, let’s share a Coke."

The approach: Stakes are high, keep it simple, but focus on adding a sprinkle of the unexpected.

Simplicity with voice tech's limits. Add fizz with Sonic branding.

We had three weeks to design, script, test, and certify the Alexa app, or 'skill'. With complexities around recording users names, the best solution was recording a mobile number to send a coupon for the free personalised 'Share a Coke'.

We worked with marketing agency Ogilvy and Coca-Cola to create branded visuals for Alexa devices with a screen. Also implementing sound effects on activation, the classic sound of a fizzing coke.

A reason to use Alexa.
Would you say no to a free personalised Coke?

Throughout the campaign period, Australians asked to share a Coke with Alexa more than 12,000 times.

Two thousand bottles were planned to be given away for the entire campaign. It only took 12 hours for all 2,000 to be claimed. A further 4,000 bottles were added, they went in 48 hours.  

The most successful Australian-made voice project.
A close second is Smiling Mind on Google Assistant, another one I was lucky enough to script.