Parents feel guilty at drop off, even though early education is a gift. 

Role: Writer with CHEP Network, create a campaign for G8 Education Centres; told through interviews from parents across Australia.

The challenge: Show the reality of drop off chaos. Balance drama with relief — strike a chord with parents.

The insight: 'Drop off guilt' is natural. So is early education. Let's reframe you're leaving them, it's really to love them with us.

Casting parents across Australia.

We scripted a casting call to G8 Education Centres in every state. Empathising with parents, inviting them to share their stories — we received over 30 applications.

By watching hours of content we found moments within these interviews that begun to help us find a story arc. Connecting the different experiences of parents from different backgrounds and parenting styles.

A story built from truths.

Blend the highs with the lows, find the golden moments,  support the stress with beautiful filming from the G8 education centre. Real insight into what parents don't see after the drop-off tears. A campaign that assured parents early education is not only natural, but special for the children in care of professionals.

Not leaving your kids —
L❤️VING them.