Definition; Direct stimulation of closed eyes.

Role: A director of creative short films, winning awards and attention of Melbourne's seminal galleries.

The challenge: Create a film about negative effects of technology in China, a country with the most cameras per capita, plus censorship.

The insight, When you fall asleep watching TV, are you still watching it, is it watching you?

Filming in the middle of nowhere.

Kangbashi, a town in the middle of barren Inner Mongolia deserts, was the destination. From Melbourne, Finn and co-creator Trent Crawford flew a custom coded television across China, to capture its glitched patterns in China's largest abandoned city.

Battery charge, local police or guards, harsh winter, language and our budget were challenges we overcame to create beautiful.

What does technology think about us?

"Silence was not something they were used to, they grew uncomfortable in the darkness, and so they put me here."

"I sit atop high-rises, outside open signs, inside machines, translating their function."

"So I watch you now, your eyes affixed to my insides. Looking for something in my reflection, held in your retinas."

Phosphene exhibited in Beijing and Melbourne.
Now deinstalled
and switched off.
Technology will outlast
us in the end.