Welly upcycles fruit + veg that isn't pretty enough for supermarkets.

Role: Brand and content strategist, writing product, website and TOV guides.

The challenge: Create two brands for a similar product aimed at young adults, and parents for their kids.

The insight: Kids love to be proud of their lunchbox, health conscious adults love feeling proud of their diet.

Simply rip, tip, shake, sip. 5-a-day the easy way.

From naming product lines, instructions to enjoy, ingredient processes, to the businesses philosophy. Brand and content with two different tones of voice were developed with the founder. Welly Kids and Welly Adults are shaking up healthy-habits.

Two tones of voice, one brand.

Two distinct brand platforms were created for both Welly Kids and Adults. For kids: 'Real fruit + veg without the arguments'.

For the adult audience we went with minimalism: '100% plants. Nothing else'.

Further the product naming and packaging for Welly varied depending on the audience.

Effortless healthy habits.
Framing fruit + veg from different perspectives.