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Investing in my own free thinking

Websites are unlimited in their possibilities, but they cost time and resources to create and manage. This space is a place to invest in my free thinking.

Words or creativity is uploaded, into a cloud and onto the internet where it's saved forever, or until we stop paying the bills.

Creating content keeps me content, giving me purpose in a wide world. 

Trusting another with your creative.

Ideas aren't possessions they're inspired and supported by the ideas and meaning that came before it.

Even still, we love our ideas like they're our own, despite it belonging to a global conscience.

When we share an idea with the world, it's an opportunity to create a memory in this global conscience.

A rainbow

1. Creative

A flower

2. Craft

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3. Production

An artwork by Finn Astle

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You're here now.

This space is for my-own free expression — but it was made for you in a way.

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