In a world of billions there is only one of me.

A pointing finger to go right
A pointing finger to go right

Invest in free thinking

Creativity is uploaded, into a cloud and onto the internet.
Here it is saved forever — or until we stop paying the bills.

An array of Finn Astle's artistic moments, pop art, cartoons, religious iconography, street signs, brands, symbols, luxury items, disney princesses, tv shows, dreams and more.

Everybody thinks

Ideas aren't possessions, they belong to us all. Inspired and supported by the layers of ideas/meaning supporting it upon the present moment. We love our ideas like they're our own —pretending they don't live in a global conscience. Sharing ideas is an opportunity to create lasting memories.

A rainbow

1. Creative

A flower

2. Craft

A rocket

3. Production

An artwork by Finn Astle

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